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Construction of the Kaung – Hmu – Daw Pagoda was begun in 2180 B.E (C.E.1636) by Thalon Min (Adhika-Raja), the King of Ava. It took twelve years to complete and was consecrated in 2192 B.E. (1648). It is located in an area called Tantee Myei, meaning strong and steady land; near the Village of Tin Teik about five miles north of sagaing City. During the region of Hanthawaddi King, Shin-hpyu Shin, the King of Sri Lanka, presented the Buddha's alms bowl containing a toothrelic of the Buddha and assorted gems, to be interred in the Kaung – Hmu – Daw pagoda. At that time, the pagoda was built very large to protect its contents from the ravages of earthquakes and pillagers. It is similar in shape to the Mahazedi of Sri Lanka and Sanchi in India. All three pagodas are hemispherical and take as their prototype the reliquary caskets used in ancient India and Sri Lanka. The Kaung – Hmu – Daw is 214 feet high and 243 feet in diameter.