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Location of Happy Hotel


-           Central of Sagaing

-           Near the Sagaing Market

-           45 Minute Drive From Mandalay International Air-Port

-           Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset Views From the Top Floor

-           Can see the beautiful Sagaing bridge



Hotel Surroundings

Swam-Oo-Ponnya-Shin Pagoda

It is located at the top of Sagaing's thirty or so hills at an elevation of 684 feet. In ancient times it was known as Nga–Pha Taung, meaning, "Five Frog Hill" because its shape resembless a frog.

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Kaung-Hmu-Daw Pagoda

Construction of the Kaung – Hmu – Daw Pagoda was begun in 2180 B.E (C.E.1636) by Thalon Min (Adhika-Raja), the King of Ava. It took twelve years to complete and was consecrated in 2192 B.E.

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 U-Min-Thon-Zei Pagoda

It is located on the top of Samari Hill, 3500 feet north of Swam- Oo-Ponnya-Shin. It lies just at the end of the paved road going in that direction.

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