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U-Min-Thon-Zei pagoda is located on the top of Samari Hill, 3500 feet north of Swam- Oo-Ponnya-Shin. It lies just at the end of the paved road going in that direction. An abbot from Padu village, the Ven. Padu Thinga-raza, built this pagoda in 1910 B.E. (C.E.1366). He was the preceptor of the King of Sagaing, Tara-phya Min-gyi, and was also venerated by Tha-doe Min-hpaya, the King of Ava, The Ven. Thinga-raza also built a cave with thirty entrances in memory of the Buddha's thirty moral perfections (parami). This cave also contains forty five statues of the Buddha in memory of his forty – five years ministry of teaching. The cave is 190 feet long and 12 feet, 5 inches wide.

Umin Thounzeh is famous for its crescent-shaped building, housing 45 Buddha images seated in a curved column around the perimeter. Thirty entrances are designed to create the impression of caves, therefore the name Umin Thounzeh, which literally means 30 Caves.